Product Specifications

Centrifugal Fans

Model CPAF, Airfoil Plug Fan
Model CPF, Backward Inclined Plug Fan
Model HDAF, Airfoil Fan
Model HDBI, Backward Inclined Fan Fan
Model LM-LMF, Volume Fan
Model SQAF, Airfoil Square Fan Fan
Model SQBI, Backward Inclined Square Fan

Centrifugal Blowers

Model HPI, High Pressure Blower
Model HPII, High Pressure Blower
Model PB, Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower
Model PBS, Fabricated Steel Pressure Blower
Model RBE, Radial Blade Exhauster
Model SPB, Die-Formed Steel Pressure Blower

Axial Fans

Model BAF, TAF, WAF, WAF/HTF, HTF, DDF, DDF2.0, Tube Axial Duct Fan
Model AC, Air Circulator
Model PF, Propeller Fan
Model PMC & CIM, Personnel Cooler

Dust Collectors

Duct-Master, Dust Collectors

Portable Fume Exhauster

Portable Fume Exhauster Blower


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