Model HDBC: Backward Curved Fan

Cincinnati Fan manufactures 18 sizes of the Model HDBC Backward Curved Fan in AMCA Class V construction. The Model HDBC is an excellent choice for efficient delivery of high air volumes.

All models are available with one wheel design and in multiple widths from 50% to 100%, to deliver the exact performance you need with a direct driven fan. Four belt driven arrangements are also available. All aluminum or stainless steel construction is available.

This fan is available in AMCA A, B, or C spark resistant construction.


• Capacities up to 270,000 CFM and 34″ SPWG

• Standard construction, air stream temperatures up to 200°F (93°C)

• Optional high-temperature construction, temperatures up to 750°F (398°C)


Airflow: See Daniels Fans Model BI Industrial Fan

Pressure: See Model HPBCModel RBE, and Model RTE

Temperature: See Daniels Fans Model BIF High Temp Fan




  • All models available with housing and wheel widths from 50% to 100%, in 5% increments, to deliver the performance you need with a direct driven blower.
  • Continuous welded housings, instead of lock seams, eliminate air leakage.
  • Heavy gauge steel bases, with internal bracing, maximize rigidity and promote long equipment life.
  • Blower housings can be rotated in 45° increments, on sizes 300 and smaller, to provide increased configuration flexibility in the field.
  • Removable inlet & drive side plates allow for removal of blower wheel or motor, or shaft and bearings on belt driven models, without disconnecting inlet or discharge connections.
  • Inlet side support assures a minimal vibration housing.
  • All fans receive a mechanical run test to ensure proper balance and alignment before shipping.
  • Belt driven models include heavy duty, grease lubricated, self-aligning, cast iron, and pillow block bearings selected for optimal performance.
  • Fan shaft on belt driven models is turned, ground, and polished and receives a high-quality rust preventative coating before shipment.
  • Arrangement 8 units come standard with shaft/coupling guards
  • Arrangement 9 and 9CB units come standard with belt guards.
  • Arrangement 10 units come with weather cover.
  • All models are also available in aluminum or all stainless steel construction.


  • Multiple Wheel Selections: Each size and class are available in multiple widths from 50% to 100%, in 5% increments, to deliver the exact performance you need with a direct driven blower. Complete design flexibility.
  • Rugged Construction: Housings are heavy gauge steel and are continuously welded to prevent leakage. Fan bases are 7 and 10-gauge steel with internal bracing to prevent pulsation at all conditions. Less field problems.
  • Rotatable Housings: Most models have housings that can be rotated in 45° increments in the field. Allows for field conversion without replacing the blower.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Replacing a wheel, motor, or shaft and bearings on belt driven models, is easily accomplished without disturbing the inlet and/or discharge connections. Minimizes extended downtime.
  • Quality Components: All belt driven models have self-aligning, cast iron, grease lubricated, pillow block bearings sized for a minimum 150,000 hours average life. All fan shafts are turned, ground, and polished and are coated with a high-quality rust preventative before shipment. Long dependable service.

Arrangement 1 – Belt Drive

Arrangement 4 – Direct Drive

Arrangement 4HM – Direct Drive

Arrangement 8 – Direct Drive

Arrangement 9 – Belt Drive

Arrangement 9CB – Belt Drive

Arrangement 10 – Belt Drive

Shaft Seal

Outlet Damper

Inlet Vane Control

Inspection Door

Shaft and/or Heat Slinger Guard

Inlet & Outlet Guards

Drain Connection

Inlet & Outlet Flanges
  • Material conveying
  • Cooling
  • General ventilation
  • Dust collection
  • Combustion air
  • Oven and drying systems


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