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For temperatures over 1000°F, see Daniels Fans - High Temperature Fans.

Engineering Data
General Full Line

AC, Air Circulators
BAF, Tube Axial Duct Fans
CIM, Personnel Coolers
CPAF, Centrifugal Plug Fans with Airfoil Wheels
CPF, Centrifugal Plug Fans with Backward Inclined Wheels
DDF, Direct Drive Tube Axial Duct Fans
Dust Collectors
Fume Exhausters/Blowers, Portable
HDAF, Heavy Duty Airfoil Wheel Blowers
HDBI, Heavy Duty Backward Inclined Blowers
HP-I, High Pressure Blowers
HP-II, High Pressure Blowers
HTF, High Temp Tube Axial Fans
LM, Volume Blowers
LMF, Flanged Volume Blowers
PB, Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers
PBS, Fabricated Steel Pressure Blowers
PF, Panel Fans (Wall Fans)
PMC, Personnel Coolers
RBE, Radial Blade Exhausters
SPB, Die Formed Steel Pressure Blowers
SQAF, Square Fans with Airfoil Wheels
SQBI, Square Fans with Backward Inclined Wheels
TAF, Tube Axial Duct Fans
WAF, Tube Axial Duct Fans
WAF/HTF, Tube Axial Duct Fans

Fan Rotation and Discharge Location Options
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