Industrial Centrifugal Fan

Fans in this category normally have one of three basic wheel designs referred to as Radial Fans, Backward Inclined Fans and Forward Curve Fans. Since all these designs normally have a centrifugal blower housing around the wheel, they are generally, with some exceptions, referred to as blowers; not fans.

The applications these blowers are used for is so broad, it would take volumes to list them all. However, they typically fall into one of six basic categories: Pressurization, Vacuum, Exhaust, Ventilation, Material Conveying, and Cooling.

Cincinnati Fan manufactures the following Industrial Centrifugal Blower models having the three basic wheel designs. They are:

Radial Blowers: Backward Inclined Blowers: Forward Curve Blowers:

All the blower types can be used in applications involving clean, dry air but only the Radial Blower models are suitable for applications involving dirty and/or moisture

For more specific information, please refer to the specific models found under Centrifugal Blowers & Fans.



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