Centrifugal Blowers

High Pressure Radial Blowers: HP-Series I

  • Continuous welded housings and teflon shaft seals to prevent air leakage.
  • Cast aluminum wheels for AMCA Type C spark resistance. With addition of aluminum shaft sleeve, they are AMCA Type B spark resistant. AMCA Type A also available.
  • Two wheel sizes per model for more airflow selections with direct drive arrangements.
  • Discharge flanges are standard.
  • Blower housing is reversible and rotatable in 45° increments.
  • Removable inlet & drive side plates allow wheel or motor, or shaft & bearings on belt driven models, to be removed without disconnecting inlet or discharge connections.
  • All fans receive a mechanical run test to assure proper balance and alignment before shipping.
  • Arrangement 9 units come standard with belt guards.
  • Also available in all aluminum or stainless steel construction.
Benefits of Cincinnati Fan Model HP-Series I, High Pressure Radial Blowers are:

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Housing is 10 gauge steel and continuously welded to prevent leakage. Fan bases are 10 gauge steel to prevent pulsation at all conditions. Less field problems.

SPARK RESISTANT: Cast aluminum wheel is standard so blower is AMCA Type C spark resistant. With the addition of an aluminum ring around the shaft opening, it will be AMCA Type B spark resistant. AMCA Type A is also available. Less expensive than the competition.

STANDARD FEATURES: All models come with teflon shaft seals to minimize leakage and discharge flanges drilled to ASA, 150 pound and ANSI, 125 pound standard pipe sizes at no additional cost. No additional cost.

ROTATABLE HOUSINGS: All models have housings that can be reversed and/or rotated in 45° increments in the field. Allows for field conversion without replacing the blower.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE: Replacing a wheel or motor, or shaft and bearings on belt driven models, is easily accomplished without disturbing the inlet or discharge pipe connections. Minimizes extended down time.

QUALITY COMPONENTS: All belt driven radial blower models have self-aligning, cast iron, relubricatable, pillow block bearings sized for a minimum 150,000 hours average life. All fan shafts are turned, ground and polished and coated with a high quality rust preventative before shipment. Long dependable service.

Features and Benefits
Centrifugal Blowers Features & BenefitsSee the Cincinnati Fan difference.
Product Arrangements
Arrangements3 standard arrangements available.
Product Options
Centrifugal Blowers OptionsStandard accessories that don't increase delivery schedules.
Product Catalog
Model HP-I Catalog11 page catalog in .pdf format.
Maintenance Manuals
Maintenance ManualSelect the .pdf format maintenance manual by arrangement.
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