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Industrial Floor Fans

Warehouse Fans - Personnel Coolers


All Models:
  • Heavy gauge steel drums.
  • Strong, concentric circle, zinc-plated guards on inlet and outlet of drum meet OSHA safety standards.
  • Safe, no exposed moving parts.
  • Spark resistant, cast aluminum propellers and TEFC or TENV motors are standard.
  • All propellers are statically balanced to assure smooth operation.
  • Wiring pigtail (no plug) is brought from motor conduit box to outside of drum for specified operating voltage. Not available on any models with EXP motors.
  • Coatings available for weather and corrosion resistance.
Model "PMC":
  • Heavy-duty handles for moving.
  • Wide floor stand to prevent tipping.
  • Yoke mount available on sizes 12"-36".
Model "CIM":
  • Drum can be rotated 180° on a horizontal axis.
  • Heavy-duty, 3" polyolefin, hard tread casters, mounted on bottom frame, and located on frame so unit can be easily moved and yet, not allow unit to move on floor while in operation.
  • Mounting plate (not shown in photo) is welded to one vertical support leg for installation of an On-Off switch. On-Off switch is optional.
Benefits of Cincinnati Fan Personnel Coolers are:

MULTIPLE PROPELLER SELECTIONS: With multiple cast aluminum propellers and different motor speeds, you have numerous choices available to produce your required airflow within each fan size. More design flexibility.

SPARK RESISTANT PROPS: Spark resistant, cast aluminum propellers ideal for locations where explosive materials, fumes or vapors are, or could be, present. Much safer than steel propellers.

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Heavy construction gauges and all fan components, for each model, are designed to give you long, dependable service even in the most severe locations. Many years of dependable service with few field problems.

THREE MOUNTING TYPES: Available in 3 mounting types to meet your location requirements. More versatile.

Features and Benefits
Features & BenefitsSee the Cincinnati Fan difference.
Product Options
OptionsStandard accessories that don't increase delivery schedules.
Product Catalog
Product Catalog7 page catalog in .pdf format.
Maintenance Manuals
Maintenance Manual13 page manual in .pdf format.