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Axial Fans

Paint Spray Fans or Spray Booth Fans


The most typical fan used to provide exhaust for paint spray booths is the Tube Axial Fan. This type of fan is also referred to as: Duct Fans, Axial Duct Fan, Axial Flow Fans, and Axial Blower.

Paint spray booth manufacturers include an air exhaust connection in the top or back of the booth, behind the filters, that is designed to accept round ductwork. This allows for the duct connection to a Tube Axial Fan very easy.

Tube Axial Fans can supply the large volumes of air necessary to provide the face velocities required for proper ventilation of paint spray booths. They will normally require less horsepower, be quieter and will not need the additional duct work transition sections required with Centrifugal Blowers.

Any build up of paint, lacquer or varnish can present an explosive condition, should a spark occur in the system. Therefore, all Tube Axial Fans used to exhaust a paint spray booth should have a spark resistant, cast or fabricated aluminum propeller. If the propeller should come loose or if a metal part should hit the propeller, it will minimize the chance of a spark being generated.

Cincinnati Fan offers 5 types of Tube Axial Fans, in 12” to 48” diameters, for paint spray booths, pre-washer tunnels and drying or curing tunnels. All come standard with industrial duty, cast aluminum props.

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