Industrial Ventilation Fan


The term Industrial Ventilation Fans is typically used to describe a fan that is used to exhaust contaminated, noxious or hot air away from workers and/or machinery. Although these are generally Axial Flow type fans, Centrifugal Blowers are sometimes used when larger static pressures are required for long duct runs or when higher air velocities are required. The most common type of fans used as Industrial Ventilation Fans are Panel Fans (or Wall Fans).

Maintaining a fresh air supply in work areas is essential for keeping workers healthy. If employees are exposed to amounts of contaminated air that exceed the levels permitted by US laws and regulations, their company is required to take immediate steps to remedy the matter. Just a few examples of work areas where contamination can be too high are spray painting areas or booths, abrasive blasting areas, grinding and polishing areas, welding areas and dip tank areas.

The quantity of the supply air is determined by the physical size of the area to be ventilated. For a room, you would multiply the length times the width, times the height to determine the total cubic feet of the room. Divide the total cubic feet by number of minutes per air change for the type of room you are ventilating. Your answer will be the CFM required to properly ventilate the room.

Volume of room (LxWxH)
              ------------------------------------------- = CFM Required
No. of minutes per air change

A reference chart showing the average recommended air changes required for good ventilation, in different areas, can be found on page 8 of our Engineering Data catalog. However, this chart is a general guideline only. For specific requirements, contact an air quality engineer or agency trained in the requirements to avoid future problems. Two government agencies are NIOSH and OSHA.

Exhausting the air is only half the problem. When you exhaust the bad air, you have to supply fresh replacement air. If you exhaust more air than you replace, you will cause the area to be under a negative pressure, which is also unhealthy for workers over a prolonged period. Fresh air supply, or make-up air, is generally created with an air make-up system that includes a fan or blower, filters, shutters and dampers, and heating or cooling coils, or both.

Cincinnati Fan does not manufacture any consumer or residential type fans or blowers. But, we do manufacture 14 models of centrifugal blowers and 18 models of axial fans that are designed and constructed for use as Industrial Ventilation Fans. We manufacture centrifugal blowers and fans in the ¼ to 125 horsepower range, with airflow capacities from 50 to 51,900 CFM and static pressures from 1/8” to 78” SPWG.


The most common applications for our Industrial Ventilation Fans include:

  • Paint spray booths.
  • Welding booths and areas that require portable fume exhausters.
  • Abrasive blasting rooms, booths and cabinets.
  • Grinding and polishing booths, cabinets and freestanding machines.
  • Etching, plating and coating tanks.
  • Portable dust collection.

The benefits of Cincinnati Fan supplying your Industrial Ventilation Fan requirements include:

  • Our Tube Axial Fans come standard with spark resistant, cast aluminum propellers.
    Ideal for paint spray booth and welding booth exhaust.
  • Our Panel Fans have rolled inlet venturis and wide propeller blades. Quieter, more efficient airflow at slower speeds.
  • Complete line of heavy duty Personnel Coolers and Air Circulators, all standard with spark resistant, cast aluminum propellers. Ideal for spot cooling of personnel or areas.
  • All of our centrifugal blowers are available with multiple wheel sizes and some are also available with multiple housing widths from 50% to 100%, in 5% increments. Direct driven fans can be selected instead of larger, heavier, more expensive belt driven fans. Less expensive, more compact and lighter weight. Design flexibility
  • Heavy duty, industrial components and continuous duty motors ensures long lasting operation minimizing equipment down time. Dependable service with few field problems.
  • All fabricated steel, centrifugal models have continuously welded housings for additional strength. Superior strength over stitch welding or lock seams.
  • All aluminum or all stainless steel fan construction is “ not special ” for us. We manufacture most models with both types of construction almost weekly. Faster delivery to you.
  • Belt driven models utilize wider spacing between the fan bearings which increases the bearing life. Less down time before replacement bearings are needed.
  • We manufacture portable Dust Collectors and Fume Exhausters for use with specific wood or metal dust generating machines and welders. Ideal for small areas or machines that require portability.
  • All fans and blowers are manufactured in our 110, 000 square foot, state-of-the-art factory in Mason, Ohio. Not imported.
  • Service! Without it, all the above is meaningless. We pride ourselves and are highly respected in the fan industry for the quality and service we give all our customers.
    Let us prove it to you also.

We have over 170 experienced sales engineers across the U.S.A. and Canada ready to assist you in making the proper industrial ventilation fan selection. Call our sales office for your area. They most likely have already sold fans and blowers for your type of application.

The above is why we are "The OEM and Industrial Air Handling Specialists".

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