Exhaust Blowers


Exhaust blowers are commonly used to exhaust contaminated, noxious fumes or hot air away from a process to allow machine operators to breathe cleaner air. A good example would be welders. If the fumes and smoke produced in a welding operation are not exhausted away from the welder, the welding quality and the welder’s health will suffer. Both could cost a great deal more to correct later.

A typical axial type Ventilation Fan will work okay for applications that don’t require long hose or duct runs. But, if the exhausted air has to be moved a long distance through hose or duct work, an Exhaust Blower will be needed to supply the proper exhaust air flow at the higher static pressures required.

An exhaust blower is a centrifugal type blower having a housing that contains a blower wheel of some type. The relationship between the housing scroll and the wheel configuration allows a blower to produce much higher pressures than a typical axial ventilation fan.

For the different types of Exhaust Blowers manufactured by Cincinnati Fan, their designs and specifications go to Centrifugal Blowers & Fans.

For hose or duct runs shorter of ten feet or less or portable Exhaust Blowers, go to the Portable Fume Exhausters page.



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