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Lead Times

At Cincinnati Fan, lead time promises have always been extremely important. We promise shipping dates we know are honest, reasonable and will not leave you with false expectations.

Our goal for on time shipments is always 100%. If you have never bought from Cincinnati Fan, please give us a chance to prove our on-time shipping schedules are a difference.

Standard Shipments: All Cincinnati Fan's standard products are "built-to-order", including accessories, and are shipped in 10-15 working days.

Cincinnati Quick Ship (CQS): Cincinnati Fan also offers a 5 Day Quick Ship program on the following equipment:

Model PB, Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers
Model SPB, Pressure Blowers
Models LM & LMF, Cast Aluminum Volume Blowers
Portable Dust Collectors
Portable Fume Exhausters

This program is available for most standard models and with most accessories. All models are "built to order" and guaranteed to ship within 5 working days.