Material Conveying:
Cincinnati Fan PB, SPB and RBE series blowers are natural choices if you are conveying material in a duct or piping system. Our HDBI and HDAF series are also very efficient at conveying material when located on the clean side of a dust collector.

Whether it's exhausting fumes from a paint spray booth or vapors from ovens or washing tunnels, we offer spark resistant cast aluminum props as a standard feature of our Tube Axial fans.

For industrial flotation tables, our PB, SPB and HP series are available with multiple wheels and housings to provide compact, direct driven blowers over an expanded range.

Many of our LM, HDBI and SQBI series blowers are used to cool electrical cabinets, engine rooms, diesel engines, AC or DC motors and traction motors.

Our PB, SPB and HP series blowers are ideal for blow-off systems to remove water vapor from parts before painting or coating.

Our CPF and CPAF plug fans are designed to circulate air in ovens, eliminating cold spots. We also offer standard model fans for airstream temperatures up to 800° F (427° C).

General Air Movement:
We offer a broad line of heavy duty Propeller Fans, Personnel Coolers and Air Circulators to provide general ventilation or spot cooling. All are standard with cast aluminum props. Stainless steel models are also available.

Dust Collection:
Our Dust-Master Portable Dust Collectors, 2 stage filtration and self cleaning, spark resistant, cast aluminum wheels are the best in the industry. Far superior to the imports.

Fume Exhaust:
Our Fume-Master Portable Fume Exhausters are excellent for removing noxious fumes from work areas or for supplying fresh air to ventilate rooms, tanks and manholes. We offer seven models with AMCA Type B or C spark resistance as standard.

We supply many models in stainless steel or all aluminum construction for corrosive environments. Also, read about Explosion Proof Fans.

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